Rudy Giuliani: Democrats Are Engaging in ‘Racial Stereotyping’ Against White Women

Bill Maher: Democrats Should Resist the Temptation to Go With a Celebrity Candidate in 2020

Mitch McConnell Warns Dems On Potential Trump Probes: ‘Presidential Harassment’ May Not Work for Them

Multiple Senate Democrats Decry FBI Investigation: ‘This Whole Thing Is a Sham’

Democrats Call Senate Judiciary Tweet on Kavanaugh Inaccurate; GOP Majority Responds: ‘Baseless Innuendo’

Trump at Rally: Democrats Willing to Do Anything to ‘Destroy’ Kavanaugh

Geraldo on Kavanaugh Hearing: ‘What We Just Witnessed Was an Attempted Coup’ by Democrats

Maher Blasts Dems For Not Rebuking Socialism Charges From GOP: Even Crickets Make More Noise!

Tucker Carlson: Democrats Have a Right to Be ‘Mad About Merrick Garland’

Ex-CIA Chief Panetta: Dems Shouldn’t Push for Impeachment Right Away, Should Let Mueller ‘Complete His Work’

Maher: If the GOP’s Going to ‘Merge’ with Russia, Maybe the Democrats Should Try Something Similar

Michael Avenatti Is Launching His Own PAC

Trump: ‘Incompetent’ Democrats Have Fake News ‘Almost Totally on Their Side’

Anderson Cooper: Trump’s New Version of Russian Meddling ‘Doesn’t Exactly Square With Reality’

Comey Pleads to Democrats: ‘Don’t Lose Your Minds and Rush to the Socialist Left’

James Comey Calls on Americans to Vote for Democrats in the Midterms: ‘History Has Its Eyes on Us’

Trump Blasts Democrats and the Media at Presser With Putin: All They Do is ‘Resist and Obstruct’

Dem Rep. Says Strzok Should Get ‘Purple Heart’ for Enduring Hearings Designed for ‘People Who Watch Fox News’

Trump: SCOTUS Fight Will Probably Be ‘Vicious’ Because All Democrats Do Is ‘Obstruct and Resist’

Chuck Todd: Despite His Unpopularity, Trump Still ‘Winning’ in Some Key Areas

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