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Trump: ‘Incompetent’ Democrats Have Fake News ‘Almost Totally on Their Side’

Anderson Cooper: Trump’s New Version of Russian Meddling ‘Doesn’t Exactly Square With Reality’

Comey Pleads to Democrats: ‘Don’t Lose Your Minds and Rush to the Socialist Left’

James Comey Calls on Americans to Vote for Democrats in the Midterms: ‘History Has Its Eyes on Us’

Trump Blasts Democrats and the Media at Presser With Putin: All They Do is ‘Resist and Obstruct’

Dem Rep. Says Strzok Should Get ‘Purple Heart’ for Enduring Hearings Designed for ‘People Who Watch Fox News’

Trump: SCOTUS Fight Will Probably Be ‘Vicious’ Because All Democrats Do Is ‘Obstruct and Resist’

Chuck Todd: Despite His Unpopularity, Trump Still ‘Winning’ in Some Key Areas

Trump Goes After Democrats on Immigration, Calls to Abolish ICE: ‘Crime Would Be Rampant’

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews is Fired Up Over SCOTUS: This is Time to Fight!

Senate Democrats Call for SCOTUS Nominee Vote to Be Taken Up After Midterm Elections

Top House Democrat Loses Primary Race in Stunning Upset

CNN’s Toobin: If Dems Retake Senate and Give Trump Another SCOTUS Seat, They Might as Well ‘Give Up’

On Morning Joe, George Will and Howard Dean Agree: Our Political Parties Aren’t Doing Their Constitutional Duty

Michael Bloomberg is Reportedly Set to Spend a Boatload on the Midterms, With One Goal in Mind

Here’s How Democrats Could Take Back the House, if They Weren’t So Bad at Politics

Kellyanne Conway Slams Democrats for Politicizing Santa Fe Shooting: ‘Predictable and Pathetic’

Pols Call for Action After Santa Fe Shooting: ‘Horrifying Inaction of Congress’ Is ‘Green Light’ for Shooters

RNC Puts Out a ’50 Most Beautiful Democrats Running for President’ List That Includes Oprah and The Rock

Bill Maher: Democrats Should Run on Weed the Same Way Republicans Run on Guns

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