Seriously? DNC Vice Chair Keith Ellison Compares Illegal Immigrants to Jews in Nazi Germany

Bernie Sanders: ‘The Current Model of the Democratic Party Obviously Is Not Working’

Chuck Todd Tries to ‘Make Sense of’ Trump’s Deals with Dems: It’s ‘Trump One’ and ‘Trump Two’

Trump Suggests More Deals With Dems: ‘We Got Very Poorly Treated’ by GOP

Hillary Rejects Concerns She’s Hurting Democrats: I’m ‘Out of Politics as a Candidate’

Sarah Sanders: Trump’s ‘Done More For Bipartisanship In the Last 8 Days Than Obama Did In 8 Years’

Clinton: I Urged ’08 Supporters to Back Obama, ‘Didn’t Get That Respect’ from Sanders and His Supporters

Ex-Dem IT Staffer Reportedly Had Secret Server That Routed Data From House Democrats

Chuck Todd Says ‘Both Sides’ Are Purging Moderates: ‘If You Don’t See It,’ You’re Part of the Problem

Katy Tur: How Do Democrats ‘Justify Working with’ Trump After Slamming Him So Much?

Lou Dobbs: Trump ‘Took RINO Ryan to the Woodshed’ By Making Debt Ceiling Deal With Dems

Fox News’ David Webb on DACA: Democrats Use ‘Illegal Aliens’ as ‘Political Prostitutes’

Twitter Slams NYT For Not Mentioning That Sen. Menendez, Who is Facing Felony Charges, Is a Democrat

Hillary Throws Shade at Bernie: ‘Fundamentally Wrong’ About Democratic Party

‘Cruel and Irrational’: Members of Congress React to News About Trump Decision on DACA

Harry Reid Accused of Pressuring Obama White House To Help Menendez Donor

Ex-Dem IT Staffer Banned From House Network Had a Secret Email Account… That’s Still Active

House Judiciary Democrats Call for Committee to Investigate Arpaio Pardon

Nancy Pelosi Releases a Statement Condemning Antifa Violence in Berkeley

Why Won’t Media Demand Dems Condemn Antifa?

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