Sarah Palin, “Poverty” On Wall Street, And “Obama’s Wars:” 2011 Predictions From Parker, Spitzer

The inevitable “predictions for 2011” posts are fluttering in the windy back hallways of the internet, and the entries from CNN co-hosts Eliot Spitzer and Kathleen Parker are revealing. The wonky Spitzer opts for fantasy, predicting “Wall Street CEOs take a pledge of poverty – contribute all assets to fund research neurological stimuli underlying greed.”

But wait, there’s more, like Spitzer’s take on the Tea Party:

Tea Party leaders become devout Keynesians after reading “Freefall” by Joseph E. Stiglitz and Matt Taibbi’s “Griftopia.”

With lines like that, it’s a wonder Parker Spitzer isn’t doing better.

Parker, meanwhile, also takes on the Tea Party in her 2011 predictions:

The Tea Party will become even more annoying as they inevitably take themselves seriously.

And yes, fear not, Parker predicts there will be no shortage of Sarah Palin in the new year:

Sarah Palin won’t go away, but she’ll continue to pretend she’s running for president, maybe, kinda-sorta, just to keep the media running in circles trying to figure out whether she’s runnin.’ Cue sound effect: Ka-ching!

It’s the sound of a cash register! Get it? Finally, Parker predicts that “Americans will become increasingly intolerant of Obama’s wars.”

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