A Generation Of Oprah Winfrey: Top Ten Moments


oprah-winfreyThe power of Oprah Winfrey is such that while news Winfrey would be ending her talk show in 2011 was not really a shock to anyone, the idea of turning on the TV at 4pm and not finding Oprah on her couch may take some time to absorb. The Oprah Winfrey Show has been in syndication since 1986 meaning, among other things, that at least half my office has not known television without Oprah, and that the other half (including myself) does not remember after school television without Oprah. Even if you weren’t the biggest fan, she was just always there.

Oprah will inevitably be remembered in totality and not for specific highlights — she is so far reaching, and now so much a part of the American psyche, that it’s hard to think of a place she hasn’t had some sort of ripple effect on (though perhaps at this moment in time it will be book publishing that will miss her presence most). With that said, here’s a look at the top ten Oprah moments of the last 23 years, which were harder to come by than you might think mostly due to the fact YouTube has only been around for the last four of those years. Nevertheless! Here are some outstanding highlights.

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