Sarah Sanders Blasts Media For Shooting Coverage: Is There Any Tragedy The Washington Post Won’t Exploit?


Following the shooting deaths of 11 people in an anti-Semitic massacre at a Pittsburgh synagogue, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders slammed the media for its coverage of the killings.

The target of her rage? The Washington Post, which ran a front page story with the words, “Trump, allies set the tone for the violence they denounce, critics say.”

“Is there any tragedy the Washington Post won’t exploit to attack President @realDonaldTrump?” Sanders tweeted Sunday. “The evil act of anti-Semitism in Pittsburg was committed by a coward who hated President Trump because @POTUS is such an unapologetic defender of the Jewish community and state of Israel.”

The alleged shooter, Robert Bowers, entered the Squirrel Hill Tree of Life synagogue and gunned down people inside on Saturday. In the immediate aftermath, his social media accounts revealed hateful messages about the Jewish community.

Questions are now being raised over Trump’s incendiary rhetoric and his failure to distance himself from a portion of his base which embraces far-right ideologies. While Bowers opposed Trump apparently due to the president not taking an anti-Jewish stance, last week’s accused package bomber, Caesar Sayoc, had a van plastered with pro-Trump propaganda. Sayoc addressed the explosives to subjects of Trump’s criticism, including high-profile Democrats and CNN.

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