Seb Gorka Accuses Mediaite Reporter of Illegal Recording: That’s Why Fox News is ‘Crushing It’

White House staffer turned Fox News analyst Sebastian Gorka has it out for a certain Mediaite reporter.

After calling Caleb Ecarma an “asshole” at CPAC’s first day Thursday morning, Gorka tweeted that Mediaite is “FAKENEWS” and that Ecarma “illegally surreptitiously records conversations”:

Ecarma was filmed speaking with Gorka at the conservative conference — the interaction started off innocently enough, with the pair shaking hands. It went south after Gorka apparently became enraged, jerking his hand towards the Mediaite reporter. As Gorka crept closer to Ecarma, seemingly to intimidate, he then forcefully shoved him aside. Ecarma said that Gorka called him “that asshole” and told him to “fuck off.”

What asshole, you may ask? The two have a bit of a storied past: Gorka once challenged Ecarma to a pistol duel, which Ecarma accepted, after he trolled Gorka for parking his “shitty four cylinder Mustang on the sidewalk.”

Gorka also inexplicably argued in his tweet that the episode provides “Another reason why @FoxNews is crushing it.”

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