Seb Gorka Shoves, Curses Out Mediaite Reporter He Once Challenged to a Duel: ‘F*ck Off’


Mediaite‘s Caleb Ecarma is reporting from CPAC today, where he had a contentious exchange with former White House staffer and fugitive of Hungarian justice Sebastian Gorka.

Ecarma is covering the Conservative Political Action Conference, and he caught up with Gorka shortly before his panel event on the strength of the Republican party going into 2018. As for how the conversation went, well…take a look.

Ecarma explained that Gorka called him an “asshole” and told him to “fuck off” in the course of the spat. He also took to Twitter to offer his thoughts on the encounter:

To clarify those not following the feud, Gorka recently challenged the Mediaite reporter to a duel over email after Ecarma mocked his Mustang on Twitter. The proposed fight started as a proposed debate — before derailing, thanks to Gorka’s flair — and at CPAC on Thursday, Ecarma said he followed up with the Fox News analyst about the debate over Trump’s policies.

The last time Ecarma tried to follow up with Gorka, who was booted from his gig as a White House adviser last year, the Hungarian was equally enraged:

UPDATE – 2:45 p.m. EST: Gorka tweeted about the encounter.

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