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SEX WATCH: Drudge Has Your Obama Glance Covered

drudge_7-10We’ve noted earlier that Matt Drudge is back, and his news cycle-driving headlines seems to have picked up in recent weeks. Ever since last night, has been leading with a large image of President Barack Obama seemingly sneaking a peek at a junior G-8 delegate. Meanwhile French President Nicolas Sarkozy looks like he’s got some wandering eyes as well. (Not pictured: subsequent bro pound.)

But did Obama really sneak said peek?

Maybe. (By the way, the New York Post headline writers must have been shaking with excitement over the possibilities, before settling on “Tail To The Chief” and “Yes, Nice Can” in the photo caption. Nice.)

Well on ABC’s Good Morning America spent a segment on the uproar, and actually played the video to get a fuller picture. Supported by some fantastic Chris Cuomo play-by-play, it now appears Obama was “maybe watching his footing…as opposed to a ‘check out’.”

But what about Sarkozy? “Not so clear,” according to Cuomo. Luckily Drudge doesn’t let clarity get in the way of an admittedly fantastic image.

Check out the ABC segment below:

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