Site To Get Donations for ‘Bowling Green Massacre Victims Fund’ Launches

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Last night, Kellyanne Conway totally made up a terrorist attack to make the travel ban on seven majority-Muslim countries seem more justified. Her lie about the existence of a “Bowling Green massacre” led Chelsea Clinton to make a point online, but she’s far from the only one.

Go to and you’ll find a site that looks like a donation site for the victims of the fabricated “massacre.”

There is even text that says, “As we join together with our thoughts and prayers, we will always remember how our fortitude and compassion unite us all through these difficult times.”

Seems like a joke, right? A fundraiser for the people whose lives were torn apart “through these difficult times”?

No, it’s no joke. Go ahead and click “donate now.”

Look where the link takes you:

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Clever, clever. The link takes users to the ACLU’s donation page. Since they’ve gotten an unprecedented amount of donations since the travel ban was implemented, maybe the people being helped “in this time of need” aren’t the victims of the Bowling Green massacre at all…

We’ve reached out to some people we think might be behind it. If we hear back, we’ll let you know. If not, they can keep their anonymity, but you can still donate and tell everyone all about it, if you want.

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