Slow News Watch: ‘Local Dog That Ate Beehive A Finalist For Award’


It’s the, ahem, dog days of summer, a time when news just kind of stops happening. There are two ways to handle this; you could either throw your hands up and go with what you’ve got, or desperately dredge up the strangest stories you can find and call them news. Since we cover the media, we’re in the enviable position of reporting when people desperately dredge up the strangest stories they can find and call them news. Is that in any way superior? No, but we’re all just trying to make it to Autumn. So, without further ado, I present the following headline: “Local Dog That Ate Beehive A Finalist For Award.”

Here’s the lowdown courtesy of San Diego’s 10 News. Apparently the Veterinary Pet Insurance Co. holds an annual awards called the Hambone Awards where they honor the strangest pet health insurance claims. Sure, this whole thing probably just started as a water cooler conversation that gotten taken way too far, but now it’s got its own trophy and its own website. The three finalists for this year’s crown (which the pet’s will presumably swallow and choke on so as to get into next year’s contest) are the aforementioned beehive eater as well as “a terrier from Illinois that bit a chain saw and a border collie from Alabama that ran through a window to get at a mailman.” While 10 News claims all the dogs fully recovered, I doubt I’m the only one who can’t imagine that chainsaw story really being that funny.

So, that’s your slow news of the day. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go cover stories that matter. Namely, my 18th post on that crazy flight attendant guy.

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