Soundbite: Welcome To The Underworld Sexcapades Of Tiger Woods



“There are many, many, many doors that many, many, many people would prefer stay tightly closed for now.”

If you haven’t read A.J. Daulerio’s piece on the “expensive sexual habits of pro athletes” — most notably Tiger Woods — than get thee to a computer! There are too many good soundbites (a number not necessarily safe for work!) to bother trying to fit them into this post.

Suffice it to say Daulerio makes a good (disturbing) case for the argument that alleged Tiger mistress Rachel Uchitel was allegedly paid off not to keep her quiet over her alleged affair with Woods, but to keep quiet over all the alleged “dirty business” and “poontang-wrangling” she does for him. Short version: she provides the girls, she is not the girls. And there have been many, many girls. Also, this is big business. And Tiger may have ruined the party for everyone.

But here’s what we’ve learned throughout this Tiger mess, which, in many ways, may change how some of these athletes are covered. Athletes have utilized the VIP service to engage in their affairs (and meet possible mistresses) for the sake of (supposed) privacy, philandering without the hassle of having to do any work themselves to land these women. It’s a dirty business all around. But what to do now, since Tiger has gone and messed it up for a bunch of people who were pretty safe from prying eyes and camera lenses whenever they stepped out on their wives and girlfriends during Vegas weekends? CHAOS REIGNS …

Welcome to the new world, mainstream media, where the blanks are about to be filled-in. The truth will set you free.

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