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Do You Spitzer? What to Expect in Tomorrow’s New York Post

spitzernypI’ve been speculating all week what future New York Post Spitzer covers might look like. Their campaign to get Eliot Spitzer back in office has been impressive; on Office Hours today Willie Geist agreed they were on a serious hot streak (also, that my plan for Joe Scarborough to run for Gov. was a good one!). What’s next? Looks like we have an inside line courtesy of our own Rachel Sklar who was stopped by Post operatives on her way back to the Mediaite offices!

According to Rachel, the Post is polling New York women to find out whether Ashley Dupre‘s assertion (featured in this morning’s edition) that every woman is just like her and that we all get paid for sex one way or another.

Rachel says the woman from the Post asked her, does every woman has a price? And what about women who say they’ll only go out with a man who is rich? Turns out the reemergence of Eliot Spitzer is fun for all the Post sections! For the record, Rachel says no, she is not like Ashley Dupre.

Whether the results of these sidewalk polls is cover story material, or merely a Sunday lifestyle feature remains a mystery. Stay tuned, another few days of this and we have ourselves a new candidate governor.

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