Stephen Smith, Piers Morgan Want You to Know #AllLivesMatter


ESPN commentator Stephen Smith and former CNN talker Piers Morgan agree: #alllivematter.

Whether you find this a controversial statement depends on your view of #BlackLivesMatter, both the hashtag and the movement that birthed it, which seeks to highlight systemic violence against African Americans. To this movement, “all lives matter” is an inherent rebuke, as white people already have the protection of law, cultural tradition, and demography; there’s no question of white lives mattering, but of that sanctity being extended toward African Americans.

Democratic presidential candidate Martin O’Malley bisected this scrum last weekend when he replied to a Black Lives Matter protest by saying “all lives matter,” for which he later apologized. This confused Smith:

Piers Morgan piggybacked onto a tweet from CNN’s Marc Lamont Hill to make much the same sentiment:

Hill, a superb debater, challenged Morgan:

As with most things, Allison Kilkenny is worth reading on this:

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