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‘Stop Filming Our Tears’: UCSB Students Ask Media to Leave

For the past few days, the media has been all over the UCSB shootings and capturing people’s emotional reactions to this horrible tragedy. Well, some students have not been taking too kindly to the press’ continued presence and have made it clear they would like to be left alone.

According to the L.A. Times, several students took a stand on Monday by positioning themselves in front of the deli where one of the shooting victims died. They held up signs like “Remembrance NOT ratings” and “Stop filming our tears,” as camera crews were gathered outside.

One student held up these signs, posted online by Reddit user AppropriatelyElitist.

The media has continued to devote plenty of focus to the shooting (though some anchors like Anderson Cooper and Megyn Kelly have chosen to do so without any reference to the deranged individual who committed this horrible act).

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