Suspended Anchor Returns, Immediately Puts Foot in Mouth Again Telling Colleague: ‘Flash Us Right Now’


Big Mike is at it again.

Last week, we told you about Mike Jerrick, the Philadelphia news anchor at Fox 29 who got so impassioned during an on-air segment about Kellyanne Conway that he blurted out, “She’s good at bullshit!” The conversation dealt with Conway’s “alternative facts” mock-worthy line from the previous weekend.

Aside from the awkward reactions of his colleagues on the set with him, we learned later in the week that Jerrick was suspended by the network for his conduct. Although Jerrick apologized, a Fox representative said that the longtime anchor’s comments were “not in line with FOX Television Stations guidelines and the matter has been addressed.”

Well, yesterday Jerrick proudly returned to the Fox 29 airwaves, only to firmly plant his foot in his mouth all over again just minutes after being back on air. He and his cohost Alex Holley addressed the controversy, saying, “I didn’t want to put [Holley] in an uncomfortable position, or any of my colleagues here at Fox 29.” Jerrick thanked his supports who reached out with positive messages.

But when it came time to toss to Sue Serio in the weather center, Jerrick asked for a favor. “Could you do something so inappropriate sometime today to get me off the hook?”

Then, Jerrick thought of the perfect directive for Serio: “Like flash us right now!”

Serio took it in stride, joking along, but we can only imagine the horror in Holley’s mind as she thought No not this again, Mike. Check out Nick Vadala, a staff writer for, who has even counted off the, “5 Times Mike Jerrick Ran His Mouth” over his career at the Philly network.

Watch above via Fox 29.

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