Tapper Snarks on Trump’s Mika Tweet: ‘So, How’s That First Lady Anti-Cyberbullying Campaign Going?’


At the top of his program this afternoon, CNN anchor Jake Tapper snarked about President Donald Trump’s morning Twitter attacks on MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski, bringing up what was supposed to be the big issue that First Lady Melania Trump was going to focus on during this term.

“So, how’s that First Lady anti-cyberbullying campaign going? Good?” Tapper rhetorically asked.

The CNN host expressed similar thoughts on Twitter this morning:

Tapper went on to deliver a monologue about the president’s Twitter habits and how POTUS spends an inordinate amount of time going after the media. Bringing up Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ recitation today of a conservative watchdog’s study of the mainstream media, Tapper provided his own study of Trump’s Twitter timeline.

“Of our analysis of 720 tweets from the president’s personal account since the inauguration, we found the plurality of them were general arguments and benign arguments about the election and whatnot. But in terms of specific issues, specific issues, roughly 85 tweets were attacks or complaints about the press. This compares with about 67 tweets specifically about jobs, use the word “jobs.” And roughly 27 tweets about veterans or the military. those are the numbers in our analysis.”

In response to Sanders’ declaration that Trump goes on the attack because Americans “elected someone who is tough — a fighter,” Tapper reacted by noting that the public wanted someone to to fight, “but to fight for them.” Instead, these tweets only seek to “undermine journalism.”

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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