Tavis Smiley Rips PBS For Its ‘Sloppy Investigation’ Into Alleged Misconduct: ‘I For One Intend to Fight Back’


Late Wednesday night, Tavis Smiley took to social media to defend himself against sexual misconduct allegations that were made against him.

According to Variety, he was accused of having sexual relationships with multiple subordinates and some had “expressed concern that their employment status was linked to the status of a sexual relationship with Smiley.”

He began by saying he was “just as shocked” as everyone about PBS’s decision to suspend him.

“I have the utmost respect for all women and I certainly celebrate the courage of those who have come forward of late to share their own truth,” Smiley said. “But let me assure you, I have never groped, inappropriately exposed myself  or coerced any colleague in the workplace ever in my 30-year career.”

Smiley blasted PBS for launching its “so-called investigation” without telling him about it and accused them of  having their minds “already been made up” before sitting down with him for three hours and points to the Variety report that came out “almost immediately” after their session ended. He also accused them of “refusing” to look at his documents or talk to his current staff.

“It is clear that this has gone too far and I for one intend to fight back,” Smiley continued. “PBS overreacted and launched a sloppy investigation. It’s time for a real conversation in this country about where the lines are, about men and women can engage each other in the workplace. And I look forward to actively participating in that conversation.”

You can read his written statement here.

Watch the clip above, via Tavis Smiley.

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