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Tea Party Billboard Shows Obama Alongside Hitler And Lenin

Further evidence that the Tea Party might be its own worst enemy. The North Iowa Tea Party — the group that erected a billboard that compares President Barack Obama to Adolf Hitler and Vladimir Lenin — has come under fire from another group, the Iowa Tea Party, who says the billboard might be crossing the line.

The billboard, in Mason, Iowa, features pictures of Hitler, Obama and Lenin — each with the word “Change” and the phrases, “National Socialism,” “Democrat Socialism,” and “Marxist Socialism.” (Quick grammar lesson: “Democrat” is a noun. The correct phrase would be “Democratic Socialism”).

According to the Globe Gazette, members of the Iowa Tea Party find the billboard to be wading into dangerous territory:

“At our last rally we saw some people with these kinds of signs and asked people to put them down,” said John White, coordinator of the Iowa Tea Party movement. “It’s borderline hate crime.”

Interestingly, members the North Iowa Tea Party have declined to comment on the billboard. It seems a bit strange that the group would fund the billboard (which includes the group’s website), but then refuse to talk about it. Furthermore, Tea Party members and candidates generally don’t tend to shy away from media attention — maybe the group, realizing they’d dabbled in controversy, just wants to avoid adding to potential negative publicity.

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