Tea Party Founder Infamous For Holding N-Word Sign: Its A Fake

Full Transcript of Dale Robertson Interview:

Tommy Christopher: I’ve been trying to research this and it’s really tough. I’ve seen your site and, first of all, the picture that’s been circulating of you at that Houston rally, that’s an authentic picture?

Dale Robertson: The original sign was “slave” and the Houston Tea Party body and a bunch of Republicans returning to Congress…

TC: So the original sign said “slave” on it?

DR: Correct.

TC: And the Houston Tea Party said that they ejected you from that rally for holding that sign that said the “n word” on it. Is that not true?

DR: Well, they’re saying a lot of things that’s not true. And y’know, that’ll support racism and, y’know, I just think the media is trying to insinuate the Tea Parties are racist and I’m not racist and it’s just a, you know, political party who wants to control the Tea Parties who are trying to promote me as racist.

TC: So, you think it’s the Republicans that are doing that?

DR: They are Republicans. I know who they are.

TC: Ok, who are they? Go ahead.

DR: They’re Republicans, uh, basically the precinct chairs who tried to seize the Tea Party movement. Who’ve taken, uh, donations illegally and they know that but I don’t have the resources to go after them ‘cause I don’t have millions of dollars in my pocket to sue the Republican Party. It’s just a game they’re playing but, y’know, you’re living in the world of politics. They don’t care about the truth. All they care about is stealing dollars and so they are.

TC: Ok, well, what do you say to a lot of folks who said you’re not really a Tea Party leader? That you’re just one guy who bought a domain name and that you haven’t really organized anything. How do you respond to that?

DR: Well, that’s not true. I’ve organized a number of things. And these people, the only reason they’ve…you have to watch the people that are a part of organization and these people aren’t…You know, they started after I started the Tea Party Movement and, because they’re well funded they can use their might to say they’re right. And I don’t believe might makes right. I think the people who are willing to stand up for this country and the Constitution are true patriots. So, you know, that’s what I’ve been dealing with. They can make all kinds of statements that they want but it doesn’t mean it’s true.

TC: What Tea Party events have you organized?

DR: I’ve done a number of Tea Party events. I’ve done the Liberty Concerts, which are in Houston, and I spent a lot of money out of my pocket. Again, out of my personal pocket. I’ve put over a hundred thousand dollars into this movement to support and defend this movement against people like the Republican Party. So, I’ve put a lot of money into this.

TC: Well, which Tea Party events did you organize? I mean, that’s a specific charge that I’m just trying to refute.

DR: Well, I’ve done…?…events here in Houston. I’ve had events in California. I’ve got other events that are going on in other states that I helped support.

TC: Ok. And the funds that you’ve raised off the site, how’ve you done with fundraising? What do you do with those funds?

DR: Basically, most of it comes out of my pocket, as far as I have, and it goes to support events.

TC: So you haven’t raised a lot of money off that site?

DR: Not really.

TC: Ok.

DR: I mean, I’ve spent more than I’ve brought in. I mean, unless you’re funded by some group, like PACs, there’s a lot of groups that are funded by PACs. To me, you should raise your eye brows at anybody who’s funded by a political action committee.

TC: So you’re not a PAC?

DR: I’m not a PAC.

TC: You don’t happen to have a picture of the original sign, do you? Because the only pictures of the sign I’ve seen are the “n word” sign and there was another one that said “I work for you”.

DR: Correct. I mean, anybody can do the photoshop thing to make it look like everything you want it to say on that and I don’t know who’s doing that so I can’t, I don’t know who the source is.

TC: But do you have a picture of the original sign?

DR: You know, it’s kind of hard to take a picture of yourself.

TC: Alright. Do you still have the sign?

DR: I still have the sign.

TC: Could you take a snapshot of that and send it to me?

DR: Oh, absolutely.

TC: Anything else that you want to say for the record?

DR: Well, I just think that the Tea Party is about being non-partisan. Any group who says they’re the Tea Party group and they’re supporting a political party, is being deceptive themselves. And they’re the liars. And I’m not a politician. I’m not an attorney. I’m an everyday, average American citizen who’s spent 22 years serving his country and I find it very questionable, the people who weren’t serving their country, weren’t doing this Tea Party, and all of a sudden, because they get financed by a political party or part of a political party who jumped in the Tea Party they…so I think we need to question the people who bring the accusations up and find who they are and to do our …?… on the attackers as well as the person who then defends themselves.

TC: I guess this photo was on the Houston Tea Party website, you’re saying they altered the photo?

DR: I’m not sure who changed the photo.

TC: My other question was, there was a story in January on TPM that shows a photo of a website where you’re holding that sign. It’s the same photo but the sign’s been altered to say, “I work for you”. Do you remember posting that?

DR: One of my web guys put that on there.

TC: Can you explain that because people would say that it seems like you’re covering up for the original sign?

DR: Well, you see, anybody can make those signs the way they want to make those signs and I just felt it was stupid and I took it off. ‘Cause I said, “Look, that’s just dumb.” And so I had it taken off.

TC: Why did he put it up there like that?

DR: I don’t know.

TC: But you see how that looks, right?

DR: The real question is like, y’know, I’m not a racist and there’s no …?…that we all promote racism.

TC: I hear you. I mean, the reason it’s a story is that you were just quoted by the Washington Times saying you’d never seen any racial slurs at a Tea Party and then there’s-

DR: Well, you know, a racial slur is calling somebody a word, right. I’ve never seen anybody call anyone the “n word”. I’ve heard them say people have called people the “n word” or being called…?…which is not, that would be reverse racism. I’ve never seen anybody call anybody or refer to individuals as, I mean, I’ve heard Harry Reid make those comments regarding the president himself as far as not having negro, any negro in him. To me that’s more of a racial comment than just using… I believe in free speech, ok? I’m not into the point where I’m trying to tell people what to say and what not to say. I don’t ask people to use racism to attack people or call somebody the “n word”. But, at the same time, I don’t have a problem with people using “Barack Hussein Obama” with the term “socialism” or making him look like the Joker or whatever. Because those signs use the Freedom of Speech to communicate a good message. And, so I’m not here to control people’s speech but at the same time I’m not promoting racism.

TC: Dale, I’m gonna be honest with you. I’m just trying to determine the truth of what’s in this photo. Originally, if it did say the “n word”, there’s a way to defend that and say, “I’m not a racist”. It’s not a great defense but if that’s the truth it’s the truth. So I want your word for me that this sign, that it’s not true. That you didn’t have it taped on there.

DR: I’m just gonna tell you this, I am not a racist and that is what’s being reported and that’s where it’s gonna stay. And the original sign said “slave” on there.

TC: And you did not tape the word “niggar” on it?

DR: (Pause) I didn’t put anything on the sign.

TC: Did somebody else put it there? Were you ever holding a sign that had that taped on it?

DR: I’m telling you the sign said “slave” on there.

TC: Alright, and you never held a sign that had any alteration on it? That photo is a complete fake?

DR: I guess so. It’s not the original sign so I guess it’s a complete fake.

TC: Alright. I guess what I’m trying to get at is, why would your web guy post the same photo with a different sign. You know what I mean? That’s how it’s gonna look to people. People are gonna say, “Then why did he post this other photo? It looks like he was trying to cover up for what was originally on the sign.” So how would you respond to that?

DR: He was just demonstrating there’s lots of photoshopped pictures out there. And then I’ve had other photoshopped pictures out there too and he thought that it had to be addressed. And I don’t have any pictures of myself with the sign because I can’t take pictures of myself. So he’s just demonstrating the fact that people photoshop things all the time. And I don’t care. I really don’t care what people say. I just think that we are supposed to be in the process of trying to restore a country. People who want to change it to promote racism, they continue to promote that sign and I don’t understand. Y’know, the media has a problem with racism and yet they talk more about it.

TC: Ok. Also you said you were involved in organizing the Freedom Concerts, right?

DR: Liberty Concerts.

TC: Is that the Sean Hannity thing or is that something different?

DR: Well, the Freedom Concerts is Sean Hannity’s thing. The Liberty Concert is something I came up with to basically do concerts instead of just having a regular rally for Tea Party events. Basically just funding Tea Party events away from the political parties because most Tea Party groups don’t have the resources to do events and so they have to have some means of funding them and so our goal is basically create vehicles to fund Tea Party events.

TC: Ok, I gotcha. Alright, Dale, I appreciate you taking the time.

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