Ted Cruz Crawls Out of His Hole to Call Obama ‘The Bathroom Police,’ Lie About Trans Policy


In his first speech since thankfully shuffling off to Loserville, former Republican presidential hopeful and current Texas Senator Ted Cruz wowed the crowd at the Texas Republican Convention Saturday with a solid two minutes of lies about the Obama administration’s recently-released guidelines on compliance with Title IX as it relates to transgender students, accusing President Obama of “issuing a decree” and dubbing the President “the bathroom police”:

The president issued a decree to every public school in America, demanding that they change their bathroom policies. Demanding that every public school now allow grown men and boys into the little girls’ bathroom. We have entered the world of politically correct lunacy.

…And there is nothing in the Constitution that gives the president the power to be the bathroom police for this country. This is an embodiment of just how off track we’ve gotten, that the president believes he can decree to every public school in America, ‘I, Barack Obama, am in charge of bathroom policy in your elementary school.’

You will be shocked to learn that not a single syllable of Cruz’s rant is true. The guidance issued by the Department of Education is a clarification of existing law issued at the request of educators across the country, not a decree, and it does not change anything at all. Furthermore, transgender female students aren’t “grown men and boys,” they are every bit as much children as their cis counterparts, and they are young trans-women and trans-girls. These are the same lies Cruz tried to exploit while he was still running for president, and he’s not done telling them.

IF there’s any consolation, it’s that Ted Cruz did lose, even if he kind of doesn’t seem to know it. Elsewhere in the speech, he thanked Texans and a raft of other people, including Carly Fiorina, for helping him to “do the impossible”:

…that enabled us to do the impossible. That enabled us, in a field of 17 candidates… for us to prevail to the very end to defeat 15 of those candidates.

Even in his delusions, Ted Cruz can’t tell the truth, unless he just forgot that John Kasich outlasted him by several days.

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