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Ted Kennedy’s Family To View Secret FBI File Before Public Release

The Boston Globe is reporting that the FBI has nearly completed their review of the first 3,000 pages ofthe late Ted Kennedy’s secret file. However, before a single page is released to the public, the FBI has allowed the senator’s family to review the file and ask that sections be eliminated if they are embarrassing or infringe on any living family members.

While it is rare, it is certainly not the first time the FBI has made an agreement of this kind. The Globe spoke to Dennis Argall, an FBI spokesman who pointed out the Vince Foster case when the White House aide’s family was able to remove photos of Foster’s body after his 1993 suicide. The article also pointed out that this arrangement is made for people outside of the political spectrum as well.

From the Boston Globe article:

“Consultation with family members is not only reserved for high-profile individuals such as politicians or celebrities. One recent example, according to the FBI, involved the family of a young woman killed in a shooting at a Utah shopping mall. When local media requested the killer’s FBI file, the family persuaded the FBI to withhold certain information.”

It’s possible that the full report includes previously withheld details about the incident at Chappaquiddick as well as threats made on the late senator’s life. The Kennedy family’s lawyers will, of course, be trying to eliminate any of the more damaging details. The FBI won’t necessarily agree to these requests, however, the fact that the family will be able to make them will give biographers and conspiracy theorists material to speculate on for years to come.

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