The Internet is Now Debating Whether Air Conditioning is Sexist Because Seriously What’s Wrong With You People


The New York Times published an article entitled “Do Americans Need Air-Conditioning?” and, Twitter did what Twitter does: twisted the debate into whether or not air conditioning was… sexist.

The article griped that office climate is gendered: “There is an oft-cited study published in that notes how building temperatures, once set to the comfort preferences of 1960s-era men in suits, disregard the “thermal comfort” of female staffers.”

It said that this debate seems to arise every summer. “Come summer, Twitter invariably lights up with charges that air-conditioning is sexist, an engine of the patriarchy, in threads that in turn fire up conservative commentators eager to prove the daftness of the opposition.”

The Twitter storm seemed to begin when Atlantic writer Taylor Lorenz, half-trolling half-not tweeted the article with the hot take calling to ban AC:


Naturally, those who like to be comfortably cool defended air conditioning by trying to out-woke Lorenz:

Some just saw the ridiculousness of it all:

Even feminist writer Roxane Gay couldn’t side with the “AC is sexist” take:

But, there were some who didn’t defend AC:

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