The Interview’s Facebook, Twitter Pages Are Back From the Dead


With news that Sony Pictures will show The Interview in select, independent theaters starting Christmas Day, comes the return of the film’s marketing plan, which had all but evaporated after the studio pulled the film from theaters following threats from North Korean hackers.

As of Tuesday afternoon, the film’s Facebook page is back online:

The Twitter account once again has actual content, like this retweet of Seth Rogen’s celebratory reaction to today’s news:

And the film’s various trailers, which Sony had hastily tried to scrub from YouTube, are back up on the studio’s official channel.

Finally, the presence of some brand new TV spots on YouTube indicates you will likely once again be seeing ads for the film on television, likely in specific markets where the film will be shown, promoting the release (and possible VOD presentation down the road). And they are not exactly shying away from highlighting the “let’s go kill Kim Jong-un” plot:

Of course, with all the publicity North Korea helped give the film over the past couple of weeks, they probably don’t need to advertise at all.

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