The Reporter Who Was Arrested For Pooping on Someone’s Lawn Has Been Fired

Screen-Shot-2016-05-21-at-2.22.23-PMThis guy’s career is in the toilet!

Just kidding, it’s on someone’s lawn!

Remember that reporter for Arizona’s KPHO who got done interviewing someone and then went to the bathroom on a nearby front yard because he felt sick? Jonathan Lowe told the cops who showed up to arrest him that, “those people who called on [him] just wanted to start problems.” Ring any bells?

Well, it didn’t just ring bells for the brass at KPHO; it set off some major alarms. Although we told you yesterday that he was listed on their site as a “former” employee, today it became even more official that he got the can.

Per FTVLive, News Director Dan Wilson kept his memo on the subject short and sweet:


Jonathan Lowe is no longer an employee of Meredith Arizona and no longer has access to the building.

Dan Wilson

Okay, correct me if I’m wrong here, but didn’t all of this happen because Lowe didn’t have access to a building in the first place?

[image via Goodyear Police]

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