The Tea Party Is Getting Its Own NASCAR Truck

While the Republican Party still doesn’t have any front runners in the 2012 presidential race, the Tea Party will soon be looking to take the lead in a different type of race. Chris Lafferty, a driver in the Camping World Truck Series, will soon be taking the lanes in the official “‘We the People’s’ truck.” Just one election after the Tea Party proved they were a legitimate force in the political world, ready to take on the big boys, they have now proven to be a legitimate force in the branding world, ready to take on Monster Energy Drink, Longhorn Steakhouse, and

Well, not exactly. This truck is going to be a little different. The Hill explains:

“In a statement, spokesman Todd Cefaretti explained that unlike traditional NASCAR sponsorships, won’t be paying Lafferty’s racing team, Lafferty Motorsports LLC, for the right to emblazon his car with its logo. Just the opposite.

‘Over 50 percent on average of the money that is raised from sponsors for the racing team will be donated to to be used to advance the Tea Party movement even more.'”

It seems like a pretty clever way to fundraise. I wonder if the Democratic Party could get in on something like this. Let’s see…if the Tea Party gets NASCAR, maybe the DNC could sponsor a big time chess player or something like that.

(h/t S.E. Cupp)

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