The Truly Dangerous Tweets Are Coming From Another Real Estate Mogul, Bernie Sanders

While the media and the American left loses their minds over silly tweets about wrestling and botched facelifts, there is some truly dangerous rhetoric floating around Twitter from another high profile politician in particular – rhetoric that could actually cause the destruction of America and the free world, as Trump opponents naively believe his twitter account will do.

As the nation gets set to celebrate Independence Day, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has a very unique definition of liberty and independence. Unfortunately, his idea of freedom may be the complete opposite of what many of us have in mind.

Americans have been even more captivated than usual by President Trump‘s twitter feed the last several days, while the truly insane tweets have been coming from the delusional socialist in the U.S. Senate. As we debate the significance of crude tweets in a personal war between Trump and the media, a very powerful politician continues to beat the drum for complete government control of nearly every significant aspect of our lives.

On Friday, Bernie Sanders tweeted, “Republicans talk a lot about freedom and choice. But you cannot truly be free if you can’t afford health care or food or medicine.”

According to Sanders, one is not truly free unless they are completely and totally dependent on the government for food, medicine and healthcare.

On June 26 Sanders tweeted his strongly held belief that, “Health care is a human right.” On July 3 he said, “We do not need to throw 22 million off health insurance. We need Medicare-for-all, and I will introduce that as soon as this debate is over.”

He did not explain how someone can have the right for someone else to become a doctor and take care of them. He has not mentioned why he did not go to medical school himself so he could become a doctor and volunteer his services free of charge. I guess his deeply held belief that everyone is entitled to a service provided by another only runs so deep.

He also did not encourage everyone to look at the VA hospital system as a shining example of just how glorious his “Medicare-for-all” would look.

And don’t forget a living wage. In order to truly be free you must have the government force another private citizen to give you a certain amount of money, an amount arbitrarily decided by people like Bernie Sanders.

On Friday, Sanders tweeted, “Remember when $15 an hour was radical? Not so radical anymore thanks to people fighting for a living wage. Congratulations Minneapolis!”

Yes, we remember when the government subverting the free market and dictating the wages a private business must pay its employees was radical. It was, is and always will be a radical idea, even when the radicals like Bernie have control. The people of Minneapolis will soon remember as well.

If Donald Trump wants to roll around on the ground with Vince McMahon, some guy in Paris might suck his teeth in disgust and Joy Behar might be embarrassed – but we will all survive.

If an incompetent and corrupt government takes over health care and the formerly-free-market, that will literally involve life and death consequences.

If one man said that you are an stupid idiot with a stupid face and another man said he wanted complete control over every thing you do, say, eat, drink, drive, watch, read, etc – who would you consider the bigger threat?

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