The View’s Sunny Hostin: ‘If I Attend the Inauguration’ Then ‘I am Normalizing’ Who Trump Is


With less than three days before Donald Trump becomes the 45th President of the United States, one of the interesting sub-plots revolving around the inauguration ceremony itself is the lack of big name entertainers who have avoided performing for the soon-to-be POTUS. There’s also been instances of performers who were scheduled to appear backing out.

With that in mind, The View’s Sunny Hostin weighed in on the topic, explaining the thought process of the performers not showing up along with her own personal beliefs.

“He’s someone whose values are the complete antithesis of my values,” Hostin said about Trump. “I feel if I attend the inauguration then somehow I am normalizing who he is.”

Immediately, co-host — and constant Trump critic — Joy Behar jumped in and shouted “he’s not ready to be normalized!”

Panelist Sara Haines hit back, saying an appearance doesn’t constitute an endorsement of Trump. She also complained about what she felt was bullying by liberals and Democrats to those who are showing up.

“The election disappointed me with conservatives including some of my own family members” Haines said. “I thought, ‘I can’t believe this is happening.'”

She continued, “But, post-election, the liberals and the Democrats have let me down.” Haines further added that Democrats can be “more intolerant than anyone.”

Besides A-list entertainers and artists largely staying away from the inauguration, over 50 Democratic members of Congress have stated they are boycotting the ceremony.

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