There’s a Game About Building the Great Wall of Trump, Because Of Course

PicMonkey Collage - AppHey kids! Are you ready to help Donald Trump build the wall that’ll keep out those pesky Mexicans? Now you can!

In the latest news about weird mobile gaming, app creator Michael Kryski has given the world a new way of making smartphone gaming great again. Great Wall of America – Trump Edition is now gracing the Apple App and Google Play stores, and as Kryski noted on his website, the best part is that its completely free because Mexico’s paying for it.

As stated in the game’s description, your goal is to make Trump blurt out his one-liners by building his wall across the border. Instead of using conventional things like concrete, steel, or bricks, your building materials are the pixelated heads of the mogul’s various political opponents.

Most of the heads belong to Trump’s various presidential competition like Hillary Clinton, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz. Of course, some of Trump’s detractors are also in the mix, including the heads of Megyn Kelly, President Obama, and Vicente Fox.


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