Theresa May Promises to ‘Take Action’ Against Terrorist ‘Safe Spaces’ After Latest Violence

British Prime Minister Theresa May delivered a tough statement from the steps of 10 Downing Street in London Sunday morning where she bemoaned the frequency of terrorist violence in the United Kingdom and vowed a series of actions against terrorism and the “safe spaces” that allow it to proliferate.

“We cannot allow this ideology the safe space it needs to breed,” she said. ‘That means taking military action to destroy Isis in Iraq and Syria. But it also means taking action here at home. While we have made significant progress in recent years, there is — to be frank — far too much tolerance of extremism in our country.”

The Prime Minister added that she expected the fight at home to require “some difficult, and often embarrassing, conversations.”

Over the weekend, the city of London was again rocked by terrorism after several men in a white van mowed down pedestrians on London Bridge, killing at least seven. London’s finest have so far arrested 12 in connection to the attack.

The latest terrorism comes just weeks after a similar incident near the British parliament killed four and just days after a bomb in Manchester ripped through an Arianna Grande concert leaving 22 dead.

All three cases have been tied to Radical Islamic Terrorism.

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