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This Exists: Tiger Woods Gal Pal Does Commercial

jungersTalk about striking while the iron is a hot mess.

Embattled golf omnistar Tiger Woods‘ commercial endorsements may be up in the air, but the linksman’s liaisons have opened up a new opportunity for one alleged member of his growing “Woods in the Babes” list. Ann Coulter referenceeĀ Jamie Jungers tees up a new web ad for, and while the spot is hardly a hole-in-one, it’s worth a laugh or two. (via AdFreak)

This ad earns the distinction of being the first Woods-connected clip to make thoseĀ animated news spots look good by comparison.

While the total lack of effort on the part of everyone involved is amusing, the highlight of the clip for me is the part where Jungers, apparently reading the ad copy for the first time, lets out a delayed laugh at the “let me shop” punchline.

This could be the start of something big for Jungers. Even if commercials don’t work out, I hear the NY Post is hiring.

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