‘This is Despotism’: Twitter Reacts to President-Elect Trump’s Flag Burning Tweet


trump2Earlier today, President-elect Donald Trump once again set the news cycle on fire with a tweet when he stated that flag burning should lead to a year in prison or perhaps even the loss of American citizenship.

As expected, this led to much discussion on the cable news morning shows. A member of Team Trump, Jason Miller, battled with CNN’s Chris Cuomo over the constitutionality of Trump’s assertion, with Miller passionately defending the President-elect. Meanwhile, the hosts of Morning Joe seemed largely on board with Trump’s tweet, saying it was pretty much in line with popular opinion.

Over on Twitter, there was quite a bit of outrage and backlash over Trump’s comments. Independent presidential candidate Evan McMullin remarked that this showed the incoming POTUS was looking to take rights away from Americans.

David Frum wondered what Trump would do to journalists:

Some made it known that this was yet another distraction by Trump:

We also had responses that the main issue wasn’t that Trump was against flag burning but rather that he was looking to strip citizenship:

There was also discussion about how it showed fascistic and authoritarian leanings by Trump:

There was at least one person who believed this was a way for Trump to get more people to burn flags at anti-Trump protests:

And another who noted that his tweet corresponded with a Fox News segment about flag burning:

But as Josh Barro pointed out, Trump is hardly the first person who ever used this as a wedge issue:

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