Tom Price Redux? Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke Facing Investigation Over Private Charter Flights

Another member of President Trump‘s cabinet is coming under scrutiny for his use of taxpayer-funded charter planes.

A spokesperson for the Interior’s Office of the Inspector General told reporters that they have opened an investigation into Ryan Zinke and his use of private planes. Previous reports have indicated that the Interior Secretary made use of charter flights on at least four occasions in the past several months.

The news about Zinke comes after Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price resigned last week after reports revealed he spent more that $1 million on chartered and military flights. EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin are also reportedly facing questions over some of their private travels recently.

Zinke acknowledged the reporting on his flights last week when he said any accusations that his use constituted misconduct was “a little B.S.” The secretary insisted that his private flights happened only during situations where no commercial flights were available to let him keep his schedule.

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