Tomi Lahren Goes After Women’s March Attendees ‘With Their Cardboard Signs and Their Hashtags’

Conservative social media starlet Tomi Lahren has shared her views about protesting plenty of times in the past, but she renewed her efforts in her latest video, which takes aim at the successful Women’s Marches that took place around the country (and world) this weekend.

Titled “Women’s March on Reality,” the clip featured Lahren railing against “not just the marchers,” but “the feminist movement and, really, the collective left … with their cardboard signs and their hashtags and their exclusive moral high ground we’re just not good enough to stand on.”

She only had two words to say about that: “Well, bull.”

Facebook commenters had a few more words.

Interspersed among the comments about how great her videos are were these:

There were still plenty of messages about how seemingly terrible Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are, though, so her comments section hasn’t yet been completely overtaken by the liberal snowflakes.

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