Trump Accuses Mueller of ‘Conflicts of Interest’ in Explosive Tweet: ‘NO Collusion & Mueller Knows It!’


President Donald Trump on Monday morning attacked Special Counsel Robert Mueller directly and personally on Twitter, questioning his honesty and integrity. The pair of tweets accused Mueller of conflicts of interest and implied he may hide the “many crimes” of “the other side” when he issues his final report on the Trump-Russia investigation.

“Will he be covering all of his conflicts of interest in a preamble,” the President asked. He continued on to imply by question that Mueller would be ignoring “crimes of many kinds” by individuals on “the other side”, specifically mentioning John Podesta, suggesting that the process will be biased to harm Trump and protect those who help harm him.

In the second half of the attack, a second tweet that came 11 minutes after the first, he questioned whether Mueller would be offering up or ignoring statements from “hundreds of people” who never met with Russia.

“There was no collusion,” Trump concluded, “And Mueller knows it.

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