Trump Draws Criticism for Boasting African Americans ‘Very Angry’ About Northam Blackface

Donald Trump became Spokesman-for-Black-People-in-the-Commonwealth-of-Virginia-in-Chief Sunday morning when he tweeted that “African Americans are very angry at the double standard on full display in Virginia!”, but recent polling suggests Trump is not as in touch with black people as he thinks he is.

As part of his regularly-scheduled executive time, Trump weighed in on the multiple scandals engulfing Virginia politics this past week, and gave his expert opinion on the black community’s feelings on the matter:

The tweet drew immediate scorn from Twitter users, who noted Trump’s own history of overt racism and lack of standing as an envoy for Black America.

But even as a factual matter, there is hard data that clearly shows Trump is incorrect. While the blackface scandal has certainly taken a toll on Governor Ralph Northam‘s approval ratings, another recent poll shows that an overwhelming majority of black Virginians do not want Northam to resign.

The Washington Post/Schar School poll of Virginians found voters evenly split on whether Northam should resign over the scandal, 47% to 47%. But among African-Americans in the state, 58 percent said he should not step down, versus 37 percent who said he should.

The poll also found that 58 percent of black Virginians accept Northam’s apology, while only 52 percent of white residents did.

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