Trump Donor Rages Against His Own Candidate: ‘I Would Break His F***ing Thumbs’

trumpDonald Trump is having a particularly rough week, and certain indications are suggesting that it’s left a few cracks in his campaign. A donor for the 2016 Republican effort might have channeled the recent frustrations about Trump when he gave some extremely blunt comments to a reporter from The Hill.

Jonathan Swan covers political fundraising for the 2016 election, and today, he tweeted about a call he had with someone who invested in Trump’s effort:

Amid questions from his followers, Swan said that the unnamed individual is growing increasingly agitated that Trump gets embroiled in controversies that take his eye off of Hillary Clinton. Swan also said that the donor contributed to the $80 million that was generated for the Trump campaign through RNC fundraisers.

Beyond the fact that the donor’s involvement pokes more holes in Trump’s insistence that he’s largely self-funding, the exchange adds to the suggestions that Trump’s camp is experiencing turbulence as his allies try to keep him focused on the endgame.

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