Trump Mocked for Hoarding Enormous Umbrella and Ignoring Melania and Barron After Boasting of Bravery


President Donald Trump boarded Air Force One tugging an umbrella close to protect himself from the intense wind and rain.

Barron Trump, the president’s 11-year-old son, is seen just feet behind him, unprotected by an umbrella or a raincoat. Trump, seeing his son, continues to keep the umbrella for himself.

Then, Melania Trump arrives on the scene a little behind Barron, and she, too, has nothing to shield her from the elements. The president stops for a wave to the crowd as the First Lady ducks swiftly onto the plane.

What began as a moving picture of Man vs. Nature turns, in mere seconds, into a scene of a man who would seemingly rather ensure that his hair is kept firmly in place than guard his family from inclement weather.

The footage above, taken back in January, was unearthed by Lawrence O’Donnell on his MSNBC show Monday night, in response to Trump’s claims that he would have “run in” to stop the Parkland, Florida school shooter.

O’Donnell narrated the scene: “The son he left behind in the rain because protecting his hair is more important than protecting his son. He also left his third and current wife behind him, in the rain. She’s used to that.”

Twitter also wasted no time referencing Trump’s umbrella-hoarding in light of his boasts of bravery:


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