Trump Threatens: If Sessions Doesn’t Get to Bottom of Hillary Corruption, He ‘May Have to Get Involved!’


Anyone expecting a Hollywood ending to the tortured relationship between President Donald Trump and the Attorney General he appointed, Jeff Sessions, is certain to be disappointed.

Saturday morning, Trump engaged in what appears to be one of his favorite pastimes: criticizing Sessions on Twitter, though this time he also cited his former political rival turned golf buddy, Senator Lindsey Graham.

Graham recently signaled to the White House that the GOP establishment would likely be okay with Trump’s firing of Sessions, but only after the midterm elections. This was a very different position for the South Carolinian Senator to take from his “there will be holy hell to pay” if Trump were to fire sessions.

For good measure, Trump then passively threatened that unless the Department of Justice didn’t start investigating his political rival Hillary Clinton, he may have to get involved. (SPOILER: They already have)

In case one was wondering what had inspiring this maelstrom of tweets on a beautiful Saturday morning, Trump left something of a clue in his most recent tweet:

Close observers of this administration may see the @FoxNews as a signal that Mr. Trump was watching his shows. State run TV, or a TV-run state?

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