Trump Spells Special Counsel Wrong For The Third Time in a Row… Is He F*cking With Us?

We know President Donald Trump isn’t exactly a spelling whiz. But when you misspell a word the same way three times in a row, the whole internet calls you out on it three times in a row, and you recognize your mistake, delete your tweet, and correct yourself three times in a row, you have to think something’s amiss.

Trump – or his staff, who the hell knows anymore – seems to think that “counsel,” as in “Special Counsel Robert Mueller” is spelled “councel.”

Newsflash: It ain’t.

And this is a newsflash Trump seems to have forgotten several times in the past few days, then remembered, and then tried to make sure nobody ever saw that he’d forgotten.

Exhibit A: A tweet written this morning about law professor Alan Dershowitz:

Looks good? Everything’s in order? Uh, NOPE. Here’s the original:

And again, not three days before, here’s the revised version:

And the screw-up:

And AGAIN, just two days before THAT:

Here’s the original:

All right. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me three times, what the actual hell?

To err is human. To err three times in the exact same highly specific way in the span of a week calls to mind that infamous quote: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.”

Is this some sort of Shakespearean ploy to alter the course of the English language? Is this a Jedi mind trick? Or is this actually a guy sitting in the Oval Office tweeting something he’s been told twice before this week is wrong and just doesn’t give a crap?

Here’s the argument for door number two: Autocorrect doesn’t even let you write “councel.” It corrects to “council,” which still isn’t right, but at least it’s a homophone:

Which begs the question: are Trump’s aides just trolling all of us by glaringly misspelling this word and then correcting it for posterity? Are we all being distracted from the really, really troubling things Trump is saying by the errors in his tweets and then baited-and-switched with the correct spelling later on?

Are these the droids we’re looking for?

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