Meghan McCain Smacks Scaramucci for Defending Aide Who Insulted Her Father: ‘This is Such Bad Spin’

Meghan McCain went after Anthony Scaramucci on Thursday for defending the former White House aide who made flippant remarks about her father because he’s dying of brain cancer.

Earlier this week, the Mooch spoke to CNN’s Chris Cuomo and bemoaned the fact that Kelly Sadler was fired because of White House internal squabbles. The former White House Communications Director called Sadler “a world-class person” even as he acknowledged her insulting comments on Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), whom Scaramucci also praised as a “true American hero.”

For the last two days, Scaramucci has been engaging Twitter users who asked him how he can possibly defend Sadler after the horrible things she said.

Meghan McCain noticed all this, and she reminded Scaramucci about the real reason why people hate Washington.

Mooch deferred to the comment where he praised McCain’s father, which she appreciated.

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