Twitter Punishment of Breitbart Journalist Sparks Revolt


Outspoken conservative journalist Milo Yiannopoulos, who goes by the Twitter handle @Nero, announced to his followers Friday that Twitter had removed the blue “verified” badge from his account, and warned that this could be the start of a conservative “purge” on the social media platform. Now, conservatives on Twitter have staged a revolt, complete with #JeSuisMilo hashtag.

On Friday, Milo tweeted this to his 136,000 followers:

Twitter’s notice to Yiannopoulos doesn’t specify the violation he is alleged to be guilty of, and while the gay conservative provocateur is, indeed, an outspoked presence on social media, it stands to reason that if he’d really done something to violate Twitter’s policies, he’d be suspended, not unverified. A person can’t say something that makes them less of who they are.

If the response to his punishment is any indication, Twitter will have a huge headache on its hands, as Twitter users have banded together in support of Yiannopoulos. The hashtag became a number one trending topic, and many users voied their support by using his photo as their avatar:

As of this writing, Milo Yiannopoulos’ status has still not been restored.

(h/t TheBlaze)

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