Twitter Relentlessly Mocks Trump’s Iowa Loss With Resurrected 2013 Tweet About Second Place


Things didn’t exactly go as Donald Trump planned last night. Despite how often he says that all he ever does is win, he had to settle for second best when Ted Cruz pulled an upset to beat him in the Iowa Caucus.

Now since we are talking about the guy who says America will actually get sick of winning if he is elected president, it has yet to be seen how last night’s loss will effect his campaign’s narrative. Of course, critical Twitter users decided not to wait, dug through the mogul’s history, and discovered an ironically-timely quote that he attributed to golfer Walter Hagen:

While The Hill noted how Trump appeared graceful in accepting his defeat last night, the tweet saw an explosion of shares last night, along with comments blasting the mogul’s futility at the first vote. As you might expect, Trump’s critics were eager to rub salt in his wounds:

[image via screengrab]

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