comScore Twitter Turns on Montel Williams with #MontelWilliamsLogic Hashtag

Twitter Turns on Montel Williams with #MontelWilliamsLogic Hashtag

montel williams twitter backlashMontel Williams has been on a roll lately, what with his recent condemnation of Josh Duggar and his subsequent doubling-down on those initial comments. However, the talk show host put himself on Twitter’s shit list after he tweeted about civil rights activist Deray McKesson late Tuesday night.

The tweet in question attempts to rip apart the possible comparison between McKesson and Martin Luther King, Jr.:

McKesson responded to Williams on Wednesday morning:

So did the King Center in Atlanta:

However, the best (and most creative) rebuttals to Williams’ troll-inviting tweet came in the form of the #MontelWilliamsLogic hashtag:

Let this be a reminder that the Internet is wonderful. At least, when you’re not on the receiving end of its best (and worst) trolls.

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