Train Tragedy: Two Girls Killed By D.C. Bound Acela

Tragedy struck a south-bound Amtrak train today outside of Philadelphia, after two girls were struck and killed by an high-speed Acela train. Mediaite founder Dan Abrams was in the first car of the train when he felt a large bump around 10:30 AM. “I was in the front car and the entire train shook. It felt like we were rolling over something,” Abrams said. “Train conductors told us that it was just debris, but upon arriving in Wilmington, Delaware we learned of the true tragedy.”

Abrams reports that the train was stopped on the tracks for at least an hour and a half as police and Amtrak inspectors assessed the situation. While the identities of the victims have not been identified, sources close to the scene were heard to refer them as “two girls.”

The Wall Street Journal reports:

PHILADELPHIA—Amtrak service south of Philadelphia was disrupted after two people were struck and killed by a train.

Amtrak officials said four tracks were shut down around 10:30 a.m. ET Thursday about nine miles south of Philadelphia.

Police said the two people were struck and killed in Norwood, Delaware County. Amtrak said one of its high-speed Acela trains was involved.

Amtrak said service on three northbound trains is affected.

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