UK Authorities Claim Greenwald’s Partner Engaged in ‘Terrorism’ and ‘Espionage’

Months after journalist Glenn Greenwalds partner David Miranda was detained by authorities at London’s Heathrow airport for transporting documents from filmmaker Laura Poitras in Germany to his home with Greenwald in Brazil, UK officials are claiming that Miranda’s actions amounted to “espionage” and even “terrorism.”

In a document read into the record at a London court hearing for Miranda’s lawsuit against the British government, authorities reportedly stated:

“Intelligence indicates that Miranda is likely to be involved in espionage activity which has the potential to act against the interests of UK national security… We assess that Miranda is knowingly carrying material the release of which would endanger people’s lives. Additionally the disclosure, or threat of disclosure, is designed to influence a government and is made for the purpose of promoting a political or ideological cause. This therefore falls within the definition of terrorism.”

In an email to Reuters, Greenwald said, “For all the lecturing it doles out to the world about press freedoms, the UK offers virtually none… They are absolutely and explicitly equating terrorism with journalism.”

Greenwald expanded these points with a pair of tweets linking to the Reuters story:

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