University Newspaper’s Staff Release Their Tax Returns, ‘Subtweet’ Trump


A group of college students has done what President Donald Trump will not: they’ve publicly released their tax returns. Seriously, they put their tax returns on their paper. Look. Of course, they supplemented that with a pretty scathing editorial, too, which you can read here.

Ahead of Tax Day, the staff of North Dakota State University’s Spectrum wanted to” voice [their] thoughts to make effective change,” Editor-in-Chief Ben Norman told Mediaite. Trump’s decision not to release his tax returns — both during the campaign and now in his presidency — has been a source of “personal frustration” for Norman.

“Writing a standard, stand-alone editorial about the tax returns, like national newspapers have already done, seemed ineffective,” Norman explained. “So I thought, I’ve got nothing to hide. Like we suggest to President Trump at the end of our editorial, it’s more effective to show, not just tell.”

As Norman had nothing to hide, neither did his staff, many of whom were “giddy” about the project, provided their Editor-in-Chief  “could ensure that their personal identity wouldn’t be stolen.” After a chat with someone at the Student Press Law Center, Norman had his team get to work collecting their 1040-EZs and 1040As and writing the editorial.

“For better or worse, they trusted me,” he said of the staffers who chose to release their returns.

Of the responses his crew’s bold move has gotten, Norman said this:

Response has been generally well received, especially considering President Trump carried North Dakota by 36 percentage points. We’ve received some flack online, but it’s been relatively tame. Call me a dreamer, but I’d like to hope that keeping promises is a nonpartisan issue that goes beyond party lines.
Trump claimed for months that an audit has prevented him from releasing his own returns. (It has not.) He has now made it clear he will not be releasing them in spite of the majority of Americans wanting to see them, which has led to a few media frenzies.
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