Unpublished Congressional Memo: Obamacare Missed Half Legal Deadlines

In the last several months, President Barack Obama’s administration has delayed a variety of deadlines or waived implementation requirements for his signature health care reform law. In fact, according to an unpublished Congressional Research Service Memo obtained by Forbes contributor Avik Roy, the Affordable Care Act has failed to meet 50 of its 82 legally imposed implementation deadlines.

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“It failed to meet 22 of 53 deadlines in the second year; another 8 became moot after Congress did not appropriate funds to complete the assigned tasks. In year three, the administration missed 10 out of 17 deadlines,” Roy writes of the memo’s findings. “That’s a total of 41 out of 82 deadlines missed.”

If you exclude the 9 deadlines that became moot because Congress never appropriated the funds to meet them, the Obama administration missed 41 out of 73 deadlines, or 56 percent.

Roy is quick to note that, in spite of these missed deadlines, the massive health care reform law is neither “unraveling” nor “imploding.”

Many of the law’s provisions are presently being implemented on schedule. “[T]he law is scheduled to spend $1.9 trillion over the next ten years,” Roy adds. “At that, it is unlikely to fail.”

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