‘That’s Not Acceptable’: John Kasich on Republicans Who Want to Completely ‘Get Rid’ of Obamacare


During today’s broadcast of CBS’s Face the Nation, Ohio Governor and former Republican presidential candidate John Kasich discussed the conundrum Congressional Republicans are in when it comes to repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act.

Speaking to host John Dickerson, Kasich explained that it’s imperative that GOP members of Congress reach across the aisle to Democrats to get a health care plan that provides enough coverage for Americans.

“I mean there’s going to be a problem in the House of getting anything out of there that still provides coverage to people,” Kasich noted. “That’s why the Republicans have to reach out to some of the Democrats. I don’t know whether that’s going to happen.”

When Dickerson asked why that would be a problem and pressed Kasich to explain it further, the Ohio guv expanded on his thought.

“Well because I think there are some very conservative Republicans in the House who are going to say just get rid of the whole thing,” he stated. “And that’s not acceptable when you have 20 million people, or 700,000 people in my state, because where do the mentally ill go? Where do the drug addicted go?”

In recent weeks, GOP members of Congress have been dealing with combative and raucous town halls where constituents have confronted them on the future of the ACA.

Watch the clip above, via CBS News.

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