Video of Bernie Sanders ‘Where the Hood At?’ Intro Is a Hoax


Independent Vermont Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has been under intense fire from social media on a couple of fronts this weekend, one legit and one not. His campaign’s response to HIV/AIDS activists has drawn legitimate outrage on Twitter, but he’s also been taken to task for using anti-gay music during his introduction at a May 25 rally in Lancaster, California. As Americablog’s John Aravosis now notes, there’s some doubt as to whether Sanders actually did take the stage to the booming sounds of DMX‘s “Where the Hood At?”, but we’ve got fairly definitive proof that it was a hoax.

Aravosis notes that there’s different music used on different videos of the event, but we’ve got the original feed, plus an extemporaneous video, which show that there was, in fact, no music played over Bernie’s intro. Here’s the DMX version, followed by the Fox 10 Phoenix feed, followed by cellphone video that was shot from the crowd:

The song features lyrics that explicitly encourage the murders of gay people, but also makes a comical counterpoint to Sanders’ demeanor and countenance, which could explain why someone thought it would be worth the trouble to put something like this together, but the evidence is pretty clear. You can add music pretty easily to a video, but not take it away while preserving the ambient sounds. The video above shows that there’s no music in the Fox 10 feed at the point at which the DMX version starts, but then the station dampened the audio to compensate for the crowd noise. The same time period covered by extemporaneous cellphone video proves the DMX video a hoax.

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