Washington Post‘s Trump Hat Generator Becomes Twitter Craze


One of the most recognizable parts of Donald Trump‘s presidential campaign so far is the hat he’s been pushing with his signature phrase: “Make America Great Again.”

In what could be their response to the Donald Trump Insult Generator, the Washington Post decided to have some fun with this recognizable article of clothing with their new “Make a Hat Great Again” generator.

The Post described in their article how the idea came initially as a response to Bill de Blasio, who made a spoof hat saying “Make America Fair Again,” that he wore in a recent interview. From there, they described the steady growth of an idea to make similar spoofs for the other 2016 candidates before deciding to let America do what they wish for their ideal Trump hat.

Naturally, Twitter got on board right away. Some tweets were critical of Trump’s recent moments on the campaign trail:

Others twisted the hat around for their own political commentary:

By and large though, most people used it for their own jokes and statements:

[Image via Twitter]

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