Make America Great Again

‘Make America Hate Again!’: Matt Drudge Trolls Trump on Charlottesville

Caitlyn Jenner Was Spotted Wearing a MAGA Hat — And Twitter Is Going in Hard

President Trump Celebrates July Fourth by Tweeting ‘Make America Great Again’ Choral Performance

Beyoncé’s Maternity Photographer Dabbles in Anti-Trump Work, Too, You Know

‘I See it as a Symbol of Hate’: Mexicans Tell Mediate What They Think of Trump’s MAGA Hats

Trump Already Has a 2020 Re-Election Slogan…And It’s Straight Out of The Purge

Trump Reveals the Aha Moment He Thought Of — and Trademarked — ‘Make America Great Again’

Chuck Schumer Accidentally Tweets ‘Don’t Make America Great Again’

Oops: Fox’s Julie Roginsky Says Baldwin’s Russian ‘Make America Great Again’ Hat is Mistranslated

Alec Baldwin Trolls Trump With a Russian ‘Make America Great Again’ Hat

Dear Trump Fans, It Looks Like You’ll Have a Replacement For Your MAGA Hats Soon

Trump Is Selling a $150 Red Hat Ornament and Receiving Every Ounce of Imaginable Mockery

Man Wearing ‘Make America Great Again’ Hat Attacked and Choked on New York Subway

Tom Hanks Plays a Trump Supporter on SNL’s Black Jeopardy

Bill Clinton Suggests Racist Code in ‘Make America Great Again,’ But He Said It Years Ago

Twitter Users Celebrate Our Independence by Sparring Over #AmericaWasNeverGreat

Third-Grader Banned From Wearing Donald Trump Hat to School

Home Depot Employee Gets Online Scorn for ‘America Was Never Great’ Hat

Predominantly Hispanic High School Graffitied With Trump’s Name on Cinco de Mayo

Kimmel Reveals Why the Whole Trump Candidacy Has Been the Ultimate April Fools’ Prank

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